Project Management

From concept all the way through completion of a project, few disciplines are as important as effective project management. Architects provide the design, engineers determine the systems that are required, and contractors provide materials and labor. But who serves as the eyes and ears for the owner after the work finally begins?

The project manager does. And no one understands the responsibilities better than HGI.

As the owner’s on-site representative, an HGI project manager relies on expertise and training, supplemented by extensive experience, to understand the project from the ground up. Our project managers visit the job site frequently until the job is complete. In fact, they’re often present before work teams arrive and after they leave for the day. They take their responsibilities seriously, because they represent the owner. And they deliver.



Monitoring of Schedules and BudgetsAfter becoming familiar with every detail regarding the scope of work, HGI project managers keep the owner up-to-date on the construction schedule and percentage of completion, as well as expenditures made to date and still to come. We’re your personal on-site representative, and we treat your project as if it were our own.

Meetings with Architects, Contractors and Sub-ContractorsThroughout a project, meetings between various stakeholders occur on a regular basis. Your HGI project manager attends project meetings, looking out for your ownership interests and reporting to you as necessary based on the results of those conversations. The goal? To ensure that what is supposed to be done is actually accomplished, and according to contracts.

Detailed Field Reports Documenting progress on a job is essential once a project begins. In fact, by writing, reviewing and circulating field reports, the project manager facilitates discussions about important issues among the various stakeholders. The project manager also records agreements on certain principles, actions and changes related to the scope of work, providing photos and videos as necessary.

Analysis and Processing of Pay RequestsAs various milestones are successfully met, your HGI project manager records the work completed, approves payment for that portion of the project and processes the payment.

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