+- What does HGI do?

HGI is a facility management company that meets the needs of clients, both established and seasoned enterprises and start-up entrepreneurs. Services include asset management, lease administration, project management of other real estate owned (OREO) and physical security.

+- For what type of companies does HGI work?

HGI works in some of the largest and most demanding real estate and corporate settings in the Gulf South – from retail financial-services branches, office towers and operations scattered across the South, to regional shopping malls, neighborhood shopping centers and more.

+- What sets HGI apart from competitors?

The foundation of HGI Facility Management’s business model is exceptional customer service. And it’s no surprise: The organization’s principals understand through experience that service is the defining differentiator in today’s competitive, demanding business environment.

+- Does HGI sub-contract its work out to third parties?

HGI is staffed with its own qualified employees who are licensed and carry workers compensation and other insurance. Based on the type of client, the specialized skill required and other factors, HGI uses pre-screened third-party sub-contractors that also adhere to HGI’s high standards for quality and customer service. Such third parties also meet HGI’s requirements for confidentiality, insurance coverage, professional appearance and additional standards.