Asset Management

Asset management is the coordination of the physical workplace with the business plan, people and work of an organization, whether small or large. It integrates the principles of business administration, architecture, and the engineering and behavioral sciences.

At HGI Facility Management, asset management means much more. We know that the proper management of your physical assets can have far-reaching benefits for your organization — effective expense management; greater profitability; reduced legal and regulatory risk; enhanced productivity; and higher levels of customer, employee and community satisfaction.

That’s why HGI Facility Management offers comprehensive asset management services delivered with the professionalism, quality and care that today’s clients expect – all with a focus on the human and natural environment.

  • Contract Bidding – To ensure the highest-quality work and best contract pricing, HGI can conduct competitive bidding for your building-management needs based on your own contract specifications or handle the entire specification-development and contract-bidding process for you.
  • Vendor Management and Invoice Approval – HGI has the experience and qualifications to manage vendor relationships so that services provided under contracts are executed as agreed. Based on our review of the scope of work and its outcome, we then approve the vendor’s invoice or follow up to ensure full compliance.
  • Invoice Processing – HGI offers two types of invoice processing services: (1) We can submit approved invoices to you for processing through your accounts payable function, or (2) We can provide accounts payable services for you, including invoice approval and payment to the vendor. In this case, HGI would invoice vendor costs directly to you and provide you with one monthly bill, thereby simplifying your paperwork and saving you time.
  • Annual Budget Planning for Operating Expense and Capital Outlay – Identifying and then planning future building needs can be daunting, especially as you focus on serving your customers and running your organization today. HGI can work with you to develop your occupancy budget for both capital outlay needs and operating expense for the coming fiscal year and well into the future.
  • Customer Service Center, Open 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week – Qualified, experienced and responsive HGI representatives are available every hour of every day to accept your work requests, either electronically or by telephone. Whether it’s an emergency or a routine maintenance call, we’re there to serve you at a moment’s notice – focused on both quality and expense control.
  • Property Inspections – Just like you, your buildings need regular checkups to ensure they are sound, functioning as required and healthy, top to bottom. Using experienced inspectors, HGI will develop a property inspection schedule built around your requirements. From roof to foundation, we will ensure that every aspect of every building is working properly and efficiently and that your property is in good shape.
  • Space Management – With an eye on the growth and evolution of your business, HGI can conduct utilization surveys to determine the availability of vacant space, requests for office space and future space allocation needs. We work to ensure that your business allocates space in a way that is functional, efficient and well-coordinated across work groups.
  • Energy Consumption Monitoring and Management – To create a sustainable future for both your business and the environment, HGI professionals can conduct an energy audit to determine how, where and when electricity, gas and water are being consumed. For example, we watch for spikes in energy consumption that signal where problems might exist or identify where effective energy management can be deployed. The objective is to manage your fixed expenses, preserve our natural resources and demonstrate to stakeholders that you are operating responsibly.
  • Building Equipment Management – Building equipment represents a significant capital expenditure. Its reliable and efficient operation also makes it possible for employees to serve your customers. HGI can create records of every piece of equipment you own or lease, identify regular service and inspection needs as well as warranty-required maintenance, and build an inspection schedule to ensure that nothing is overlooked.