Steven Hebert has more than 30 years’ experience in facility management, including leasing, sales, physical security, asset management, and property management for virtually every type and size of business renovation and construction. Among career highlights is his highly regarded leadership of corporate real estate for the southern franchise of one of the largest commercial banks: Capital One Bank, formerly Hibernia. As Senior Vice President, Mr. Hebert guided this important function during periods of rapid expansion, including asset growth from $2 billion to $22 billion, the acquisition of more than 60 financial-services firms and growth in the number of locations from 45 to 325. In addition, he helped guide the organization through the challenges of and recovery from America’s greatest natural disaster, Hurricane Katrina, as well as other corporate events, earning national recognition for his accomplishments. Hebert is a director of the Data Center Users Group and a member of IFMA.

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